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So many people ask me the same question: where do I find a partner? Where should I look? The answer is that there is no right place to look for a partner. What you do need to ask yourself is how do I find the right partner for me. Finding the right partner is a task that depends on you, your energy, your confidence level and how much you really want it.

These are my tips for you, make sure you have them all before you are looking for the right partner.

  1. Social life: increasing the pool of people you interact with will increase your chances of finding a partner. Whether these friends are male or female it doesn’t matter. The more people you know and have fun with, the more chances you have to meet your partner.

  2. Don't live a monotonic life: build an exciting life, don’t do the same things every single day.

  3. Vulnerability: sharing your challenges with your partner makes them feel like a valuable part of your life. Remember, love isn’t just about celebrating the wins together.

  4. Know what you are looking for: assertive people are attractive people! If your dating experience is limited, you may need time to explore and to learn more about yourself and what it is that you are looking for in a partner. Don't be passive about your love life and your long term partner, BE ACTIVE.

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