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"Sapphire made some solid points when she noted that love is not just about one person having control and spoiling the other person. Love is about finding a partner that will appreciate you." - Jennifer O'Brien 


“But I still didn’t hear you saying that you’re looking for someone that will take care of you as well, like someone that will appreciate you as well,” Sapphire says. “Love is not ‘I’m looking to give you so you will give me.’ But love is also, ‘I appreciate myself, so by appreciating myself, I know I’m capable of giving love, and I also deserve that.”

- Amanda Spence

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 Her name is Sapphire and she is a young woman from Israel, she is a dating coach. Ed says he has been doing it wrong for so long that he hopes she can help. Ed is very transparent about being on multiple apps and says he wants to spoil someone. She tells him he must appreciate himself, as well, and be taken care of. He needs to learn he is deserving of love or he will not succeed.

- Amanda Nowitz 

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Sapphire Dating is one of the first names to pop up on the list of the best dating coaches in San Diego. Sapphire offers three different dating packages to single men and women. Each program offers unique features such as date diagnostics, makeovers, and a dating bootcamp. Sapphire is located in San Diego proper. - Emyli Lovz

Sapphire radio interview 

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