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How long have you been on a dating app without seeing results?

How much time and effort have you spent on your dating app, yet with no effective results?

How much money, emotions and hope did you invest in them?

If you can relate to these questions, you better keep reading because I am about the share with you the secrets behind the dating apps.


Dating apps do not want you to find a relationship!

Let me explain. The longer you stay single, the more time you spend on the apps the more frustrated you become. This is when people will start paying for the app in order to promote their page as well as receive the most attractive women.

Does it mean dating apps do not work?

Not at all, you just need to learn how to make the apps work for you.

The first and most important rule to remember is: DO NOT PAY. No matter how good the offer seems to be do not take it, there is no point in paying for the dating apps. It will only categorize your page in the wrong way. Money will not solve your dating problems. Yes, effort needs to be put but not a financial kind of effort.

The second most important thing I call a love map.

A love map is building your profile based on your personality while making sure your profile is showing up.

Start with your photos, you want to make sure you have different vibrant, quality photos. Make sure the pictures are up to date. Remember you should be the sole star of your profile.

Your context should also represent your personality. Ask yourself, do your photos and text tell the story of who you are?

Be proud of yourself! Make sure your personality shines through.

Date with purpose. Think about the three most important things you are looking for in a partner. Construct a general message that will trigger these things you are looking for. Send that message to those you find interesting and have a desire to go on a date with. Analyze the response, and make sure the answer aligns with what you are looking for. Only those who have what you are looking for should get the chance to go on a date with you.

Remember, dating online can be hard, be kind to yourself.

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