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There are three main components that build a strong relationship. Couples that build these things into their relationship are more likely to develop strong, healthy and successful relationships.

  1. Love maps - Getting to know your partner on a deep level. Knowing things like what your partner likes, what makes your partner happy and where they see themselves in the future. The way to build a love map is by asking these types of questions. Set out time to get to know your partner. Ask the questions and make sure you know your partner rather than thinking you know them. You also want your partner to be asking you questions as well and make sure your partner cares to get to know you and your goals.

  2. Fondness and admiration - Letting your partner know how much you appreciate them, how proud you are sharing a life with them. If you are proud of your partner don't keep it to yourself, let your partner know. That is romantic and romance is important. You can pick up your partner's favorite chocolate on the way home, or make a nice dinner, just make sure you are doing something for them. Don’t take your partner for granted and let your relationship die. Think about relationships like climbing a ladder, you can’t stay in place for too long, you are either going up or down. Same thing in relationships, you either move forward or go backward. So, make sure you are working on the relationship. At the same time be sure you are not the only one working on the relationship, both partners must contribute for it to be a truly successful relationship.

  3. Turning towards - This is something we don’t think about when we think about a successful relationship, but it plays a big role. Turning towards is body language that shows you are paying attention when your partner is talking about something. The subject that is being talked about or pointed out isn’t relevant, it can be anything. Your partner may tell you something like: “wow that is a nice house”. Turning towards means actually turning your head and attention to the house. You may not think about it this way but this is actually a way to build

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