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How many times did you find yourself in a relationship that makes you feel you need to prove yourself all the time? If your answer is YES that is the time to stop. I am not saying stop the relationship. I am saying stop what you are doing. You are the only one responsible for your action. If your partner gives you the feeling that you need to prove yourself to him, that can be financially, intelligence or even socially you better keep reading that.

We don’t always pay attention but when your partner keeps allowing himself to tell you that you need to prove myself to him, you probably gave him permission to do so. It can start without noticing it, but the main thing to remember is to stop it the first time it happens.

If you want your relationship to be successful you need to stay the strong person your partner knows you are. In relationships, for so many different reasons we sometimes test our partner, we want to check the boundaries. Part of checking the boundaries might be asking our partner to prove himself to us. The only one you need to prove yourself to is yourself and only. If the relationship will be based on you trying to prove yourself to your partner it is simply not going to survive or you will find yourself miserable.

Now to the most important question. What to do when you find your partner asking you to prove yourself to him? Simply enough you are telling your partner in a nice way that you do not need to prove yourself to him. You know who you are and there is no place for proving in a relationship, there is a place for IMPROVING! The right partner will appreciate your strength to say that, he will appreciate that you know who you are without the need of getting his approval for who you are.

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