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Stop chasing love and complaining about your love life.

Negative energy attracts more negative energy. In every aspect of our life, career, dreams, and relationship, when our mind set is negative, we will not achieve anything positive. Our energy has a great affect on our life. I agree it isn’t easy to control our thoughts and energy, but in order for us to control our energy, there is a process in which we have to learn. Learning how to appreciate ourselves and how to see the good in almost every situation is the key for us to control our energy. That brings me to offer advice that may sound odd; when you feel that your energy is negative, stop chasing love and start working on changing your energy. Trying to chase love while your energy is negative is only going to push love away and leave you with even more bad feelings such as rejection and failure. Another point is when you chase love too much, you are getting in your own way. This can be cured by changing your thinking. Obsessive thinking about what it is that you actually want to find, stopping just having fun in your life, are all things that lead you the wrong way. It may feel counter intuitive but you won't be able to find love that way. The reason is people can sense when a person is chasing love. Once you learn how to invite the love in your life instead of chasing it, this is when things will start changing. Once we control our energy, we become a magnet, and will attract good things to our life.

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