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Attachment Anxiety: how to recognize if you have an Attachment Anxiety style:

● Feeling anxious about your partner’s reaction all the time

● Being constantly afraid that your partner might want to leave you

● Constantly needing to make sure your partner still loves you

● Not being able to enjoy your relationship because you are always worried

● Checking on your partner’s phone or computer all the time

● Being afraid to ask for your needs in fear your partner might leave you

● Feeling as if you need to appreciate the fact that your partner even wants to be with you

● You care more about your partner’s mental status than you care about your own

● Trying to change yourself to whatever you think your partner wants you to be

● Checking your partner’s social media all the time

● Stalking your partner’s ex’s online and comparing yourself to them

These are the main and most important signs to know if you have Attachment Anxiety. Of course, there are many other signs. Each person is different but if you find yourself having some of these signs, you should get help and learn how to control your anxiety.

The reason why you should get your Attachment Anxiety under control is because it can destroy even the most beautiful and successful relationships.

Trying to please your partner and trying to change who you are because you are worried that your partner might leave you will only push them away from you. Having that anxiety in your life will only put you down. Your partner will be able to sense that and with time, they will not be able to see you as attractive or important to them.

Stay confident in who you are. Your partner will appreciate you more and a better bond will be built between you two.

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