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I want him. He is everything I ever wanted, but he does not want me. I have felt this so many times, but is it love? No, it is our brain trying to get what we don’t have. That does not necessarily mean that this guy is the best guy for us either. It just means, we were not strong enough, or showed enough confidence, or enough appreciation in ourselves to see that. Chances are this guy is not meant to be. Let me explain.

We attract into our life what we believe we deserve, which means that if we do not appreciate ourselves enough, we probably will not believe we can get the best guy out there. For instance,

If I do not see myself as worthy, I will not attract a worthy relationship. Easier said than done of course but learning how to appreciate yourself can take time. The process of teaching to appreciate oneself is not easy and is often an on-going battle with the unconscious. Remind yourself day and night of who you are. Find those things about yourself that make you proud. Do not let your fear and doubts take control of your life. You are the one in control of your life. It is you who is in control over your relationships. Be in control over your dating process and resist just taking anything you can find. Value yourself, and do not compromise your standards. By doing this, you will become a magnet for great things in your life, in your work life, and all your relationships, plus so much more. Start today, value yourself, and take control!

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