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  1. Forgetting about yourself or taking care of yourself only because all you care about is your partner.

  2. Wait next to your phone all day long for him/her to contact you.

  3. Thinking that if you say how you feel, your partner may leave you.

  4. Not calling your partner and waiting for him/her to call you, because you are afraid your partner will think you are annoying them.

  5. Ignore/ not recognize red flags.

  6. Being afraid of asking your partner to treat you the way you would like and deserve to be treated.

  7. Not having expectations from your partner.

  8. Showing too much appreciation for the basics from your partner. I call it appreciating the crumbs. showing too much appreciation to basic standards in a relationship such as; calling you, texting you, ect... sends a message that says you do not expect much from your partner.

  9. Feeling insecure around your partner. Be aware of the story playing in your mind.

  10. Lowering the bar in regards to expectations in the relationship, as well as yourself, while being with your partner.

If any of these 10 things s